Ten most valuable fashion brands in the world

Most valuable fashion brands

According to Global rankings consultants Interbrand, these are the most valuable fashion brands in the world. They have culminated a list based on the brands Net worth and listed below are the top 10. Its no surprise that many of these are a mix between luxury boutique and general apparel. Its interesting to note that number one is more than double the value of the next luxury brand.


10 – Tiffany & Co – $5.94 billion (United States)

Tiffany &co

9. Prada – $5.98 billion (Italy)


8. Adidas – $7.38 billion (Germany)


7. Cartier – $7.45 billion (France)


6. Hermès – $8.98 billion (France)


5. Gucci – $10.39 billion (Italy)


4. ZARA – $12.17 billion (Spain)


3. Nike – $19.87 billion (United States)

Most valuable fashion brands

2. H & M – $21.08 billion (Sweden)

HandM shop

1. Louis Vuitton – $22.5 billion (France)

Most valuable fashion brands

Close behind with only a few million dollars separating them were Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss.

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