Good quality leather shoes can last a lifetime, but only if treated with care. So if you’re like me and have chosen to finally splurge on some quality leather dress shoes then there are a few tips to make them last a lifetime.

First off, shoe trees. Yes shoe trees.

Now don’t go hanging your shoes on trees just yet. A shoe tree acts like the skeleton of a shoe when not worn, as to preserve its shape. An ideal solution to keeping the shoe structure is to slip a shoe tree inside after using them. This not only maintains its shape but also helps draw out any moisture, which prevents the leather from weakening over time.



Rubber Galoshes – Condoms for your shoes

Keep those shoes in mint condition on wet days by using rubber protection. Rubber galoshes essentially act as a condom against bad weather and would be ideal for those wetter climates. These ones pictured below in bright yellow are for the bold gentleman, however there are various colours available to suit a subtler look. Didn’t your mum always tell you to use protection?


shoe galoshes
Image: Double Monk

Use a shoe horn.

How often do you lay your foot in a shoe and then wriggle your ankle to squeeze your foot in the shoe? Most people do, however this ruins the counter (heel) of your shoe over time. Take that extra step to use a shoe horn , not only will it keep your shoes in great condition but also your back. Shoe horns are usually made from either wood, ivory, metal or plastic.

shoe horn

Shoe care kit

Shining shoes may seem like a chore, but it is key to making them last a lifetime. Most kits like this one below from Brooks Brothers found at Mr. Porter  are equipped with horsehair brushes, daubers, black and brown creams and a polishing glove. Dirty shoes say a lot about a man so I would suggest keeping them clean at all times

shoe kit



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