Dream home on the South African seaside

This absolutely stunning dream home was designed by the team at SAOTA (Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects). A south african based firm who have set a new standard of design and professionalism. This dream home design is just one example of their exceptional designs incorporating open-plan living with seaside views. It connects a rear garden to open plan living room leading out to an unbelievable  ocean view.

They have cleverly harmonised the use of the seaside and brought that to the interior. As seen in the downstairs library and cellar, there is a blue glass pane that cleverly represents the sea and makes for a beautiful piece. The finishes are perfected with exquisite black and white marble mixed with natural timber. This sure is a dream home delight for any gentleman.

Kevin Garcia

Founder of The Gentleman Lifestyle, motivating and inspiring men around the globe to look good, feel good, and succeed.