Stand out

Standout Hollywood agent Mr. Andrew Weitz is most commonly known in the entertainment business for his success over the past 18 years scouting talent. However, Mr Weitz has managed to develop a reputation for his impeccable sense of style, which has led him on a new endeavour to educate men around the globe about dressing with confidence.

 Everyone is so scared, don’t be scared

A while back Mr.Porter did a feature on this stylish gent with some helpful tips to take on board. My personal favourite from the man himself is that you should not be scared to stand out. The majority of men today feel that in order to succeed they need to fit in, but what good is that?

Style. Confidence. Success. Why fit in when you can stand out and make a mark?

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Kevin Garcia

Founder of The Gentleman Lifestyle, motivating and inspiring men around the globe to look good, feel good, and succeed.