What’s your skin type?

What's your skin type

What’s Your Skin Type?

So you want to start taking care of your mug. One too many times partying and now you are noticing your youthful good looks aren’t snapping as quickly back as they have. Or you are conscientious about keeping your face clean and fresh looking ready for anything.

Nine times out of ten when you go looking for skincare the first question any consultant will ask is “What is your skin type?”

And about half the time the response is a dead look of confusion.

So here are your ways to quickly self-diagnose your skin so you can be confident that you are getting the best product for your skin.

Does your skin get shiny or oily relatively quickly? Are you prone to breakouts regularly? If so it is likely that your skin is (you guessed it) oily.

Does your skin get flaky, have a rough texture and feel tight? Your skin is likely on the dry side.

Does your skin have a supple texture is relatively smooth and retains its moisture. Congratulations you have normal skin. This is the desired balance for general healthy skin.

What's your skin type

Now obviously the skin is an organ and if you have partied hard, been a bit lax on the healthy eating and exercise front or are stressed this can change. These changes can result in skin conditions such as sensitivities, dehydration and dullness.

Sensitivities can be the result of stress or a reaction and can be a nuisance especially if you’re unaware of them. If your skin is prone to redness, or itchiness and occasionally decides to flair up, you’ve got sensitivities. But never fear. Keep it relatively fragrance free and well hydrated and you should be fine.

Dehydration is different from dryness as it refers to a lack of water in the skin rather than a lack of retaining any moisture at all (including oil). This means that dehydration is common among oily skin types, which tend to be oily as the skin is trying to make up for the lack of water needed to give the skin moisture. This imbalance can cause problems like breakouts, shininess and attracts more dirt than normal skin.

Dullness is not so much a condition as a perception of how your skin looks. Again with triggers of stress, dehydration and lack of sleep the skin displays itself rather lacking general radiance. Dullness is easily avoided though by using products that include antioxidants or are incredibly hydrating.

Tune in next time as we tackle the skin routine bit by bit.

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